“Echo package” is a logistics company looking to blend the services of a messenger and shipper. Goal is to send monthly care packages on behalf of families in Saudi Arabia to their loved ones specifically students in the United States. Care packages could be in the form of provisions, toiletries, fashion items, medication, stationery, and books.

Why many choose ``Echo Package``

  • Economies of shipping. In other words, it is economical to consolidate your items to ship instead of paying for each individual shipment
  • You can reach us at any time of the day via Phone or email
  • You’ll be communicating directly with an actual person instead of an automated answering machine
  • No wait times on calls
  • Cheaper to let us do your shopping and ship on your behalf than you getting it shipped from overseas
  • If you hate flying, you wouldn’t need to because we’ve got you covered
  • We have the ability to customize purchases/packages for you
  • We’ll put in pre-orders for limited edition products or new products. We’re well connected!

Why it all started

From our past experiences, we know that it’s pretty difficult to make time for shopping when you’re busy with school and work so we’re going to make life easier for you by getting your necessities to you in the timeliest fashion. Now, you don’t have to worry if you’re a freshman without an automobile in a remote college town.

We also know that it’s very difficult to get your favorite cultural goods in your local American grocery store so we are here to supply you with that. We welcome you to try our Sukkari dates and fine coffee blends.