Are you still wondering why Echo package is too good to be true? Here are the answers:
What exactly is Echo package??

It is simply a care package put together by us because we know you can’t live without your favorite food, beauty products and so forth. It was created so that we can send you these favorite things on behalf of your loved ones back home. #roastedcoffeeanddatesareafewofmyfavoritethings

Can I send an "Echo package" to myself??

Sure! We totally encourage self-loving!

Why do you call it "Echo" package??

Because the package allows you  echo your love! #Weactuallymadethatup

How long does it take to receive package??

Typically 1-3 business days. Orders received after 5pm ET will be shipped on the following business day.

How come we didn't get a shipment confirmation after placing an order??

In super busy months such as Ramadan, we may experience delays. Though, it is less likely that we’ll experience delays, if delays happen, we’ll give you a discount on your order. #Dontworrybehappy

Not satisfied? Want more details?
Is the coffee mixed with Saffron and cardamom??

YES! Just the way you like it!

Does Echo package offer personal shopping services??

YES! We offer customized shopping options from fashion to technology! Advantages of being based in NYC! Email or call us.

Can I be a part of the Echo package team??

Certainly! We like team players! Inquire via email about our brand ambassador program in the US and in the Kingdom of SA.

Does Echo package do free giveaways??

Of course! We believe in giving back. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for announcements.

What are the methods of payment??

We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal!